Andor TV series quotes


You’ve come here to apologize. I’ve accepted your apology. -Brasso
I have something to sell. -Andor
She seems upset. -Timm
Have you modified your uniform? -Inspector General
It don’t matter what you tell me or tell yourself. You’ll ultimately die fighting these b@stards. -Luthen
There is an organized rebel effort. -Dedra Meero
I’m going to do us a favor and not mentioned that this happened. -Andor
There will be no rules going forward. -Luthen
I will have to recharge at home. -B2EMO
You were telling me how quiet it was? -Cassian Andor
We’ve chosen a side. -Vel Sartha
You insulted my choice of beverage. As host and provider I was offended by this. -Brasso
The time has come to force their hand. -Luthen Rael
Spies… Saboteurs…Assassins. We’ve all done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion. -Cassian Andor
You think it’s hopeless, do you? Freedom? Independence? Justice? We should just submit and be thankful? Just take what we’re given? -Karis Nemik
They’re everywhere. -Mon Mothma
You’ve been holding out on me. -Bix
Let’s take them by surprise. -Bix
I need to relocate for a while. -Andor
The one who buys. Your secret friend. -Andor
You failed to gauge the depth of my irritation. You rose to make your point vocally. I was helping you back into your chair when you fell. You were gone when I woke up. -Brasso
They’re watching me now. – Mon Mothma
That’s 2 lies. -B2EMO
Let’s have both. -Andor
Soon enough, these days will end. -Luthen
It’s all different now. We’re going loud. Vulnerability is inevitable. -Kleya Marki
That’s what a reckoning sounds like. -Maarva
We’re fighting against the dark. – Vel Sartha
They’re so proud of themselves. – Cassian Andor
Let’s call it war. -Saw Gerrera
Wouldn’t you rather give it all at once to something real? -Luthen
Stop. I don’t mean just the talking. Just stop. -Inspector General
The man who sees everything is more blessed than cursed. -Clem Andor
I can lie. I have adequate power reserves. -B2EMO
The goal of that speech should you ever be asked to deliver it is brevity. – Inspector General
So fat and satisfied. -Andor
Call it what you will. -Luthen
Don’t tell anybody you saw me. Don’t tell anybody you know where I am. -Andor
Drill down and get a hunt started. -Dedra Meero
They clearly harassed a human with dark features and picked the wrong person to annoy. -Inspector General
Don’t we all. -Bix
Maarva said you were out ruining your health and reputation with friends of low character. -B2EMO
Every day we wait, they get stronger. -Cassian
I’m struggling to understand why my faith doesn’t calm me. I believe in something. Why am I so unsettled? -Karis Nemik
People are standing up. -Maarva
Then you better find yourself a less complicated woman. Good luck with that! -Andor
They’re afraid. Right now, they’re afraid. -Cassian Andor
She told him sooner or later you were going to g-g-get yourself into trouble you couldn’t talk your way out of. -B2EMO
And you’ve been skimming off the top. So let’s not get emotional. -Andor
The Empire has been choking us so slowly, we’re starting not to notice. The time has come to force their hand. -Luthen Rael
We’ve chosen a side. We’re fighting against the dark. We’re making something of our lives. -Vel Sartha
You’re like me, we were born in the hole, all we know is climbing over somebody else to get out. -Arvel Skeen
Perhaps slightly. Pockets, piping and some light tailoring. -Deputy Inspector
For the greater good. -Saw Gerrera
Do you realize what you’ve set in motion? People will suffer. -Mon Mothma

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