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Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens quotes

Note I have seen the film now but will be waiting for a period of time as some quotes would spoil the film for people who have not seen it

From various trailers

Luke Skywalker: The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power, too.

Han Solo: Chewie, we’re home.

Rey: There are stories about what happened.
Han Solo: It’s true. All of it. The Dark Side, the Jedi. They’re real.

Supreme Leader Snoke: There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? The Dark side, and the Light.

Kylo Ren: Nothing will stand in our way… I will finish what you started.

Leia: Hope is not lost today… it is found.

Maz Kanata: The Force, it’s calling to you. Just let it in.

Kylo Ren: I will fulfill our destiny.

Finn: I was raised to do one thing… but I’ve got nothing to fight for.

Han Solo: You’ll need this…

Rey: [at BB-8] Where do you come from?

Maz Kanata: Who are you?
Rey: I’m no one.

Maz Kanata: I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people. I see your eyes… I know your eyes!

Finn: Are you Han Solo?
Han Solo: I used to be.

Finn: That’s a hell of a shot!

Star Wars opening crawls

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems is in dispute.
Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly battleships, the greedy Trade Federation has stopped all shipping to the small planet of Naboo.
While the congress of the Republic endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Supreme Chancellor has secretly dispatched two Jedi Knights, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, to settle the conflict….

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

There is unrest in the Galactic Senate. Several thousand star systems have declared their intentions to leave the Republic.
This Seperatist movement, led by the mysterious Count Dooku, has made it difficult for the limited number of Jedi Knights to maintain peace and order in the galaxy.
Senator Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo, is returning to the Senate to vote on the critical issue of creating an ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC to assist the overwhelmed Jedi…

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere.
In a stunning move, the fiendish droid leader, General Grievous, has swept into the Republic capital and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Galactic Senate.
As the Separatist Droid Army attempts to flee the besieged capital with their valuable hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a desperate mission to rescue the captive Chancellor…

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.
During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.
Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy….

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.
Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Luke Skywalker have established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth.
The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young Skywalker, has dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of space….

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt.
Little does Luke know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new armored space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Death Star.
When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy…

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed.
With the support of the REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE. She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.
Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts….

Star Wars Rebels Season 1

Haven’t you ever seen a rare, hairless Wookiee before?

Heh. There’s just something about the feeling of their helmets on my fists.

Only the Honor Guard of Lasan may carry a bo-rifle!

The Jedi are dead, but there is another path…the dark side!

Your master cannot save you, boy. He’s unfocused and undisciplined.

The Inquisitor:
Ah yes, good, unleash your anger! [chuckles] I will teach you what your Master could not.
You don’t have anything to teach me!

The Inquisitor:
The darkness is too strong for you, boy; it is swallowing you up, even now.

The Inquisitor:
Your Master will die…

The Inquisitor:
Your friends will die, and everything you’ve hoped for will be lost! This is the way the story ends!

A dangerous time this is for your apprentice, for you.

Kanan Jarrus:
I know, I can sense it. I feel as if his abilities are growing faster than I can teach him.

Kanan Jarrus:
I lost my way for a long time, but now…I have a chance to change things.

Kanan Jarrus:
I won’t let him lose his way…not like I did.

Kanan Jarrus:
Look Ezra, just because you want something to happen, doesn’t mean it’s going to.

Hera Syndulla:
We have hope; hope that things can get better. And they will.

Minister Tua:
Ah, Grand Moff Tarkin, I am honored by your visit to Lothal!
Grand Moff Tarkin:
My visit is hardly an honor, Minister.

I have exhausted every resource to capture them, sir. This group has proven quite…elusive.

Kanan Jarrus:
I know nothing of a larger rebellion, and if I did, I’d rather give my life than tell you!

At last…a fight that might be worthy of my time!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Chirrut Îmwe: I’m one with the Force, and the Force is with me.

Cassian Andor: Make ten men feel like a hundred.

K-2SO: I’ll be there for you.
K-2SO: The Captain said I had to.
Jyn Erso: Charming.

Jyn Erso: We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope!

K-2SO: There were a lot of explosions for two people blending in.

Chirrut Îmwe: I don’t need luck, I have you.

K-2SO: Your behavior, Jyn Erso, is continually unexpected.

Saw Gerrera: Save the Rebellion! Save the dream!

K-2SO: Congratulations. You’re being rescued.

Bodhi Rook: This is Rogue One.

K-2SO: The captain says you’re a friend. I will not kill you.

Darth Vader: There is no Death Star.

Mon Mothma: On your own from the age of fifteen; reckless, aggressive, and undisciplined.

Jyn Erso: This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.

Jyn Erso: Are you with me?

Cassian Andor: All the way.

Jyn Erso: I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.

Galen Erso: …They call it the Death Star. There’s no better name. And the days coming soon, when it will be unleashed.

K-2SO: There’s a problem on the horizon. There is no horizon.

Chirrut Îmwe: I’m one with the Force, the Force is with me.

Orson Krennic: The power that we are dealing with here is immeasurable.

K-2SO: There is a ninety-seven point six percent chance of failure.

Chirrut Îmwe: You almost shot me.
Baze Malbus: You’re welcome.

Chirrut Îmwe: I fear nothing. All is as the Force wills it.

Grand Moff Tarkin: Lord Vader will handle the fleet. Target the base of Scarif. Single reactor ignition… You may fire when ready.

Chirrut Îmwe: Look for the force and you will always find me

Chirrut Îmwe: She wants to fight.

Darth Vader: Director Krennic.
Orson Krennic: Lord Vader.
Darth Vader: You seem unsettled.
Orson Krennic: No, just… pressed for time, there’s a great many things to attend to…
Darth Vader: My apologies, you do have a great many things to explain!
Orson Krennic: I delivered the weapon the Emperor requested. I deserve an audience to make certain he understands its remarkable… potential.
Darth Vader: Its power to create problems has certainly been confirmed – a city destroyed, an Imperial city openly attacked?
Orson Krennic: It was Governor Tarkin who suggested the test.
Darth Vader: You were not summoned here to grovel, Director Krennic.
Darth Vader: There is no Death Star. The Senate has been informed that Jedha was destroyed in a mining disaster.
Darth Vader: I expect you not to rest until you can assure the Emperor, that Galen Erso has not compromised this weapon, in any way.
Orson Krennic: So I’m… still in command?
Darth Vader: Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, director!

Chirrut Îmwe: Take hold of this moment. The force is strong.

Saw Gerrera: The world is coming undone. Imperial flags reign across the galaxy.

Cassian Andor: If you’re really doing this, I want to help.

Mon Mothma: Our Rebellion is all that remains to push back the Empire. We think you may be able to help us.

Jyn Erso: Now’s your chance to speak up.

K-2SO: That is a bad idea.

Orson Krennic: I will not fail.

Jyn Erso: They call it the Death Star, a terrible weapon. There’s a way to defeat it.

Jyn Erso: This is our chance to make a real difference.

Cassian Andor: [to Jyn] The message was sent by your father.

Jyn Erso: Anyone not willing to risk being left behind?

Baze Malbus: They destroyed our home!

Jyn Erso: Every day they go stronger.

Jyn Erso: Let’s just get this over with, shall we?

Mon Mothma: We’ve intercepted a coded Imperial transmission. It indicates a major weapons test is imminent.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story quotes

What will you do when they catch you? What will you do if they break you? If you continue to fight, what will you become?
Mon Mothma:
On your own from the age of fifteen; reckless, aggressive, and undisciplined.
Jyn Erso:
This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.
Mon Mothma:
We have a mission for you. A major weapons test is imminent. We need to know what it *is*, and how to destroy it.

Jittery thing quote

I liked the image so much I used it again



Faith in your new apprentice quote

Faith in your new apprentice, misplaced may be. As is your faith in the dark side of the Force.

Faith in your new apprentice

Faith in your new apprentice